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What is residential habilitation?

"[A] Residential Habilitation Agency is a certified entity that provides an integrated array of individually-tailored services and supports furnished to an eligible participant which are designed to assist them to reside successfully in their own homes, with their families, or alternate family home." 

- Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

Residential habilitation works in conjunction with the Department of Health and Welfare to provide services to adults with disabilities. If a participant has never received services before, we can help them through the process of becoming approved through the Department. Once approved, residential habilitation services are completely paid for by Medicaid with no cost to participants or their families. 

Skills we help with include: 

  • Self-direction

  • Money management

  • Daily living skills

  • Socialization

  • Mobility

  • Behavior shaping and management

  • Personal assistance

Once a participant is approved for services, the level of care they can receive is determined based on their needs and preferences. You can learn more about the different levels of care below.

24 Hour Supports

Based on eligibility, participants can receive 24 hour supports that allow them to have a direct care staff present at all times. This allows for constant monitoring to provide adequate care for participant needs. Direct care staff help with behavior management in order to ensure safety of both the participant and others they come into contact with. These supports are also available to those with high medical needs who may needs more intensive care and supervision. 


Within 24 hour supports, there are two different categories for level of care: 

  • Intense supports. Intense supports are 24/7 supervision with 1:1 ratio of care. This means the participant has one specific direct care staff assigned to them at all times. Intense supports are usually utilized for participants who have aggressive behaviors or intense medical needs.  

  • High supports. High supports are 24/7 supervision with 3:1 ratio of care. This means there may be one direct care staff assigned to up to three participants. High supports are usually utilized for participants who need consistent monitoring, but are more independent in behavior management and do not have intense medical needs.

The purpose of 24 hour services is to provide participants with a safe environment in their homes and community while they progress in their independence. The consistent supervision that 24 hour supports provides helps participants live a more productive life in their own homes as a more independence-oriented alternative to nursing homes or other long-term care facilities. 

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Hourly Supported Living

Hourly supported living is provided for higher functioning participants with a lower service need. During these supports, a direct care staff works with a participant in their home and in the community for a set number of hours per week, usually between 30-70 hours. These hours can be utilized and scheduled for whenever is most beneficial to the participant. The number of hours a participant can receive per week is determined by their needs and preferences.


During hourly services, participants and staff primarily work on improving independence in areas such as home maintenance, hygiene, meal preparation, socialization, transportation, self-advocacy, and community involvement. Staff provide teaching and prompts in a positive atmosphere that help participants strive to reach their goals in all areas of their lives.


The purpose of hourly services is to give participants the assistance they need to become more independent, learn new skills, and integrate within the community while remaining in their own homes and exercising their independence.

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Other Services

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Dollar Bills

Payee Services

We offer payee services to our participants in order to help them track and budget their money. When participants participate in this service, they meet at the office each week to go over their budget, pay any needed bills, and receive money for food, activities, and other wants or needs. When choosing Elite Health Care as their payee, participants can learn to better manage their money while ensuring bills are paid on time and their money is always safe. 

School Application

Employment Assistance

We believe that participants thrive in an environment where they can stay  productive and active. When participants are employed, they gain a sense of fulfillment and learn valuable skills that benefit them life-long. At Elite Health Care, we strive to assist all of our participants in gaining employment that is compatible with their skills level and preference. We can help with job search, filling out applications, attending interviews, and all other steps along the way.  

Flexible Payment Planning

Social Security Acquisition

Participants who qualify for our services also regularly qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). We work with participants to help them sign up for and take advantage of these programs. We understand the eligibility and enrollment process can be confusing and frustrating, and we can be there every step of the way to help make things easier.

Bowling Alley


When receiving services from Elite Health Care, participants become a part of our Elite family where one of our main priorities is to get out into the community and have fun. We love having regular company activities where participants can get out, enjoy themselves, and gain valuable socialization skills. We hold small weekly activities and also larger monthly parties. We're always looking to introduce our participants to new activities and learning experiences. You can learn more here.

Asset Tracking


Direct care staff are available to provide participants with transportation to necessary medical appointments, errands, and social activities. For participants on hourly supported living who do not have 24-hour assistance, staff help them research various transportation options to utilize outside of staff hours. 

Team work

Behavior Management

All direct care staff are trained on behavior management techniques for aggressive behaviors. This training focuses on a dual-priority method of deescalation and safety. We understand that each participant is unique and their behaviors may stem from different situations and stimuli, and we strive to identify the approach that works best for each individual participant. We also help teach participants coping skills and anger management techniques to increase their independence.  


Education for Loved Ones

We understand that having a loved one with a disability can often be difficult and that understanding options and available resources can be confusing and stressful. At Elite Health Care, we have a deep love for individuals with disabilities and great respect and gratitude to their family and friends. We are available to meet with families and loved ones to help navigate available options, explore participant rights and the rights of family and friends, and help make informed choices.

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